Mission Statement & Performance Goals

IDA Mission Statement (Adopted March 10, 2011)
The Glen Cove IDA is authorized to promote, facilitate, and assist in the acquisition, construction, and improvement of industrial, commercial, cultural, and educational facilities that advance economic welfare of the community by job creation, economic activity, and prosperity for the citizens of the City of Glen Cove.

Glen Cove IDA Performance Goals (Adopted March 10, 2011)

  • To operate in a fiscally conscientious and responsible manner.
  • To continually assess the needs and opportunities of the City’s business community, and to strive to apply the Agency’s services where they will create the most benefit and economic vitality.
  • To meet the economic and sustainability needs of the community through application of various economic incentives and programs.
  • To encourage businesses to benefit from IDA programs by clearly communicating the programs available.
  • To cultivate and maintain community trust and engagement by operating in a transparent and easily accessible manner.