RXR Glen Cove Village Square LLC is a 2.5 acre, five story mixed use project located in the heart of our downtown on a large public plaza (.376 acre).  This project will have 146 new residential units (13 workforce units), approximately 15k sf of retail and 1,900 sf medical office as well as 171 parking spaces on-site and 69 additional parking spaces in City owned parking garage for a Payment in Lieu of Parking (PILOP) fee of $207,000 with additional annual payment of $58,500 for use of up to 75 parking spaces..  The project will attract tourists, diners, shoppers, and the developer is dedicating certain parcels for the City’s public use to continue with the tradition of Downtown Sounds, holiday celebrations, parades/events, etc.  The abatement began in August 2017 with demolition of first building in September 2017.  Planning Board approval was received in September 2017 and vertical construction photos taken September 2018 are depicted (above).

IDA approved Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) on 8/22/17 whereby proposed taxes will be $183K (20% greater than the existing taxes received by the City) and will remain at that level during the first three years of construction; the following 15 years will increase the taxes by 2% annually whereby the PILOT will then become 35% greater to $246K.  Sales tax/mortgage recording benefit increased to $2,227,830 on 9/25/18 due to adjusted construction budget.

In addition to the creation of approximately 300 construction jobs as a result of this project, the economic impact to the City of Glen Cove generated on this project estimates that as a result of household spending of new residents through the addition of 146 units in Glen Cove, 34 net new jobs (33 direct/1 indirect) will be created with $1.2M in earnings and $3.4M in sales within the City of Glen Cove, annually.

Additionally, it is estimated that 31 net new jobs (30 direct/1 indirect) will be created to undertake property management and maintenance as a result of the project.

The combined economic impact equates to 65 jobs created through the additional household spending, operation and maintenance generating $2.2M in earnings based on $7.3M in sales.

An estimated 10 full time jobs will be created after project completion consisting of 1 management, 1 supervisory and 8 laborers.

Additionally, 225-300 construction jobs will be created in connection with the project detailed as follows:

165K sq. ft. facility on 2.5 acres

133 rental units with 10% bonus for affordable housing for a total of 146 units (42 studios; 76 1BR; 28 2BR)

16K sq. ft. open space dedicated to the City of Glen Cove

Mixed use development with approximately 17K sq. ft. commercial below the residential units (16,607 sf. retail + 1,900 sf professional office space).

30% of space minimum will be dedicated to restaurant.

Project completion estimated for Spring 2020.


January 2020

The IDA closed on the Waterfront Revitalization Project in November 2016, and is working with RXR, the developer of Garvies Point on the waterfront, in constructing public amenities and green space for use by the residents of Glen Cove. This project will benefit the City of Glen Cove, its residents and Nassau County by reclaiming blighted industrial waterfront property for public benefit and enjoyment through creating open space, housing and retail/office space. Garvies Point will create more than 460 direct and indirect jobs per year during the construction period, and more than 540 permanent jobs post-construction. There will also be new tax revenues and money infused into the Glen Cove economy. The three residential buildings being developed during phase I of construction {H-rentals (177 units), I-rentals (208 units) and B-condos (167 units)} began occupancy at the end of 2019.


136 Glen St, Glen Cove, NY 11542

On December 28, 2016, the IDA entered into a PILOT agreement with Michael S. Puntillo Development Co., LLC for the Samuel R. Pierce apartment complex on Glen St. in Glen Cove.  The PILOT began in 2017 and will end in 2022.   Three full time jobs were reported by the management company.  The tax exemptions were to help the complex make necessary repairs to the low income subsidized housing complex as well as to match their HUD mortgage.


5 School Street, Glen Cove NY 11542

On December 27, 2013, the IDA entered into a PILOT Agreement with TDG Glen Cove, LLC. The term is for 15 years and will begin in 2014.  During construction 25 jobs were created and 8 full time positions post construction.   The former movie theatre had been closed since April 2013 and retention of Glen Cove Cinema from April 1, 2014 through April 2017 has retained multiple jobs and kept businesses thriving in our downtown.

In April 2017, Glen Cove is very fortunate to attract AMC Theaters as we announce that they will be the new operator of the Glen Cove Movie Theater!  Securing a national tenant of this caliber is a clear example that Glen Cove is open for business, and the revitalization continues to move forward.

Newly renovated AMC Theaters officially opened its doors September 2017 with ribbon cutting ceremony 9/6/17.


88-90 Hazel Street, Glen Cove, NY  11542

In December 2013, Men On The Move Storage, (MOTM) was sold to PR Glen Cove Storage LLC, (“PRGC”).  The site is located at 88-90 Hazel Street, a valuable and highly visible location which was previously one of the abandoned Photocircuits commercial buildings.  The company’s mission is to provide an easily and accessible self-storage company to the residents of Glen Cove.    The IDA received an admin fee of $70,375.  PRGC assumed MOTM’s PILOT for nine years beginning in 2014 and are also required to employee 3 full time employees.  The total project costs for the project are $18,100,000.


94 School Street, Glen Cove, NY  11542

The Regency at Glen Cove has been an integral part of the Glen Cove community since 1992, hosting educational seminars to benefit the local population.  The Regency has received financial assistance from the Glen Cove Industrial Development Agency consisting of an extension of the existing PILOT for a proposed memory impairment project to include 22 memory care units and three additional assisted living units increasing the unit count from 96 to 121.  The project will also create additional common space and other aesthetic and functional improvements within the building to significantly enhance the quality of life for its residents.  The renovations will improve the facade viewed from School Street and Forest Avenue.  The project will not impact on City services including little to no impact on the City schools, fire protection, protection, library, police and garbage disposal.  The summary of benefits to the City of Glen Cove for the proposed expansion project will include 11 construction phase jobs; and permanent job creation of 16 direct on-site jobs.  In July 2013 the IDA approved the execution and delivery of the Second Amended and Restated PILOT.